Baker Tilly

Baker Tilly is an audit firm specialised in providing a wide range of audit services. Nowadays, correct and transparent financial information is of key importance for society in the broadest sense of the word. Stakeholders such as shareholders, suppliers, banks and other creditors, personnel, governments etc., count on reliable financial reporting. To do this, the certified auditor's task is mapped out in law.

On the other hand, thanks to his experience and specialisation, the certified auditor can advise, support and assist you as a client with complex operations such as acquisitions. We are also well placed to help you implement internal administrative business processes and develop internal control procedures within your organisation. Thanks to the international network 'Baker Tilly' which we form part of, national borders are no obstacle. If you need assistance in a dispute issue, you have come to the right people. If you require expert advice on financing tables and budget preparation, our specialists are at your service.

How do we work?

Commissarial mandates and control assignments

Audits always start from a risk analysis. That is why knowledge of the company is of great importance. Our audit approach is therefore always focused on the special needs and requirements of the client. This applies to multinationals as well as SMEs. That is why a lot of care is also spent on the planning and preparation of every audit. Moreover, we do not see audits as simply boxes to be ticked. We actively look for areas where we believe we can add value to weaknesses in internal control, fraud prevention and financial reporting processes. This always takes place within the strict boundaries of independence. Both at the beginning of the audit process, and certainly at the end, the partner in charge who will sign the audit off, will evaluate the file with our employees and ultimately, have a personal discussion with the client. 

Other control assignments and activities

In cooperation with our other experienced professionals, we offer bespoke expertise for any other services that are requested.

For example, support with a takeover will often be provided via a multidisciplinary team consisting of an certified auditor, a tax specialist, a lawyer and a VAT specialist.

The contribution made by non-Belgian colleagues of Baker Tilly International can also be invaluable if an acquisition is made outside Belgium.

A full range of services

  • Mandates for members of the supervisory board in companies and associations (not-for-profit organisations)
  • Specific audit engagements for works councils and reporting obligations
  • Auditing of consolidated annual accounts
  • Auditing of financial reporting
  • Application of IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards): assistance and certification
  • Specific audit reports for government bodies and public authorities
  • Setting up and optimising internal control systems as well as internal audits, analyses of business processes
  • Audit and advice on mergers and acquisitions (due diligence)
  • Statutory audit engagements such as contributions in kind, quasi-contributions, company conversions, mergers and divisions of companies, changes to company objects, liquidation reports, preferential subscription rights, issues of shares below fractional value, interim dividends, etc.
  • Auditing of the accounting records maintained by notary offices
  • Arbitration procedures
  • Efficiency analyses
  • Fraud investigations
  • Non-financial reporting and sustainability reporting, corporate governance
  • Providing legal expertise

Additional services from the certified auditor

More information on audit services?