Baker Tilly

Baker Tilly provides support with bookkeeping and tax matters. Keeping proper accounting records is more than a legal requirement. Correct and complete accounting records are essential to gain a realistic overview of your company's financial situation. A well-maintained accounting system provides you with valuable information and an overview of your company's financial health. Unless you keep proper financial records, you will never be able to manage your business properly.

Full range of services

Your business is supported from an accounting, tax and legal point of view, including all mandatory reporting. All VAT and tax returns are prepared by us, and we advise you on tax matters. In addition, we can support you with tax audits as well.

Who are our clients?

We provide services to companies, sole traders and freelancers from the start-up and during their further growth. Our services are equally valuable also of use to non-profit organisations and foundations.

A full range of services

  • Incorporating and supporting businesses, sole traders and freelancers
  • Supporting business operations from an accounting and legal perspective
  • Creating and optimising all direct tax and VAT returns
  • Providing guidance on tax audits and advice regarding on tax matters
  • Optimising cost price calculation, accounting and analytical systems
  • Providing support on restructuring projects
  • Providing support on special legal assignments