Data protection

New rules from 25 May 2018: 'GDPR'

New rules have been created to improve the protection of the personal data of European nationals in an increasingly digital world. The new data rights and obligations are described in detail in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

All organisations in both the private and public sector, without exception, must prepare for this, at the very least for the contact details that they hold on their business partners and employees. Organisations that hold sensitive data such as medical data or that use advanced marketing techniques such as profiling will be subject to stricter rules. In certain cases, the appointment of a 'Data Protection Officer' will either be mandatory, or at least strongly recommended. 

The processing time for documenting data processes in accordance with the GDPR is on average 6 months, while the new rules come into effect on 25 May 2018. 
Alongside the process of documenting, it will also take some time to specifically implement the new measures and implement supporting technologies in the organisation.

A selection of our services

  • GDPR readiness assessments
  • Data discovery audits
  • Documenting data processes
  • Implementing supporting technologies
  • Legal support

International cooperation

We are part of the Global GDPR task force of Baker Tilly International, the 9th largest network of accountancy & business consultancy offices in the world. Through our Global GDPR task force, we also support the road to GDPR compliance for organisations outside Europe that monitor or process data from European nationals.