Digitalisation of your financial records

The road to 'digital accounting' is taken seriously by the Belgian government. Hence the compulsory electronic submission of all tax and VAT returns, introduced in 2016. The government further promotes digital invoicing in Belgium, because of the large savings possibilities (also for businesses). Given the benefits of "online bookkeeping" (via cloud-based software). Baker Tilly has taken also a progressive approach in this area.

Accounting services are subject to substantial changes - both at the level of (joint) operation, processing, methods of using software and tools. Baker Tilly follows has embraced this digital evolution while guaranteeings the necessary flexibility. Accounting inputs can be carried out entirely, or partially, by the clients (with our supervision), or can be fully delegated to us, in each case using software. The accounting software can either be made available on your own PC or on your servers, in the cloud, or on Baker Tilly's servers to which you are then granted access.

We currently propose a number of accounting and invoicing software packages with various options available, either on our own servers ('private cloud') or on the servers of our partners. Depending on your needs, we will propose a suitable software package.

Likewise, we offer the possibility for your accounting documents to be digitally delivered and then processed. For practical matters such as scanning documents and delivering CODA files, we are happy to provide you with the necessary explanations.

Online accounting: nothing but benefits

  • Log in via the internet: you can access your data anywhere; you have access to your accounting at all times.
  • Working closely together with your accountant: your file manager can see what is going on, execute closing transactions or do anything else without you being bothered by this. 
  • Flexibility: you can decide yourself in consultation with your file manager which tasks to take on and which tasks to leave to us. If you do not want to make entries yourself, you can also opt for a read-only option for the software (for a small annual fee).
  • Efficiency: via CODA files, you can import your account statements yourself and also have them entered automatically. When you use the 'AccountantsInvoicing' module, your sales invoices can be forwarded with a single click to your accounting system, where they will be processed automatically. At a later stage, the processing of purchase invoices will also be automated via scanning.
  • No investment: only a start-up cost and annual subscription, so no additional investment in hardware and software. 
  • You need not worry about having to carry out updates, nor think about backups. 

  • Security: you log in via a https connection; which will require a Vasco key when logging in. This will generate a unique code each time that must be entered when logging in. 

  • Reports/dashboard: you can retrieve and print the various reports such as R/C clients, suppliers, as well as your company's tax balance at any time. Vero also has a dashboard showing various key figures at a glance over several years, such as revenues, operating costs, top 5 clients and suppliers. 

  • Exporting: in Vero, you can export various basic data to Excel with a single click. There are even more extensive export possibilities: these can be looked at in consultation. 

  • Time-saving: the software completes some of the information automatically.