Forensic audits

We offer a one-stop solution for full legal, auditing and technical support. 

Experienced team

Our forensic audit teams are led by Frank Staelens. Frank is honorary chairman of the Institute of Forensic Certified auditors. He has 26 years of experience in forensic audits. Frank is Certified Fraud Examiner, Registered Forensic Certified auditor, Certified Security Advisor and Certified Mediator in Commercial Affairs. 

Read the article from Frank Staelens on (International Comparative Legal Guides) about "Corporate investigations: laws and regulations in Belgium"

Advanced technologies

We use advanced technologies to analyse accounting records as well as data carriers. We use analysis tools that allow your accounting records to be scanned for fraud risks, unusual transactions/trends and internal monitoring problems. We use forensic software that enables us to recover information on data carriers that has been deleted and to identify indications of forgery. 

Membership of professional bodies

We are the founder of the Network for Investigation & Litigation Support (NILS), a network of Belgian niche offices. NILS has been appointed as the expert panel for Beluga Insurance Solutions to support their insured persons against directors' liability and GDPR compliance/cyber risks.

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