Anne Dorthu
Partner / Certified Auditor

Anne Dorthu is the certified auditor for several commercial companies from a wide range of sectors and also specialises in specific legal assignments. In addition, Anne Dorthu is head of the Soumagne office.

Anne Dorthu - bio2

As an auditor, no two days are the same. Together with my team, I work on auditing mandates and special legal assignments. In addition, I am regularly appointed by the court as an expert to provide support in certain disputes. In the context of estate and inheritance planning and the transfer of businesses, clients can also come to me and my team for the valuation of their companies, corporate restructuring and inter-group mergers.

Our team works with a multidisciplinary approach that is essential in today's business world. Moreover, as part of Baker Tilly's international network, we can also offer our services to clients beyond Belgium's borders. Although I often work at complex matters, I aim for a service that is tailored to the needs of clients so that the information is always clear to all parties involved. 

In my job I especially enjoy the daily contact with SMEs, entrepreneurs and my team in the Soumagne office. 

Previously worked on: 

  • Commissioner mandates in various sectors 
  • Support for the transfer of businesses, MBO, family transfers (including valuations, structuring)
  • Supporting clients with the set-up of companies (including financial plans, search for suitable financing)
  • Legal expertise before the Liège Business Court or in mediation procedures (valuation of shares, company assets, determination of loss of profit after an accident, etc.)
  • Preparation of specific reports in connection with the liquidation of companies, change of legal form, contribution in kind, etc.