Personal income tax advice

Tailor-made advice

The Personal Tax Advice Department of Baker Tilly has a team of tax specialists who can assist and support you in all relevant areas (personal income tax, remuneration techniques, HR services, international employment structures (expat, salary split,….). This applies to companies and their staff, as well as to individuals.

The main goal of our advisory services is to provide tailor-made advice on the tax position of the client and guidance in fulfilling his/her tax obligations. We help you to minimise your tax burden in an efficient and well-considered manner. For us, providing advice is seen as full package, including implementation and subsequent follow-up.   

Who are our clients?

Our clientele consists of individuals, one-man businesses, liberal professionals, companies, non-profit organizations and public authorities. Both family businesses and international companies, whether or not listed or belonging to listed companies, spread over Belgium and the rest of the world and covering various sectors of the economy, may appeal to our services for tax advice regarding their personnel.

A full range of services

Personal income tax

  • Preparation and submission of personal resident and non-resident income tax returns 

Tax-friendly compensation techniques

  • Foreign executives (expats)
  • Salary splits
  • Bonus schemes and stock option plans
  • Lump sum allowances
  • The social security aspects of cross-border employment as well as technical pension aspects
  • Management companies
  • Employee or business manager


HR services (national and international)

  • Guidance to foreign executives when arriving/leaving Belgium
  • Drafting employment contracts
  • Planning for termination of employment
  • Drafting expat policies
  • Deferred remuneration
  • Applying for/renewing work permits
  • A1 formalities
  • End-of-year calculations
  • Salary calculations and tax equalisation calculations
  • Setting up salary structures
  • Advice on stock option plans
  • Cross-border employment and the social security and tax implications
  • Pension issues
  • Payroll coordination services


Baker Tilly is a solid partner that manages its cases professionally and regularly comes up with new ideas.
Tom Du Caju, CEO Du Caju Printing