Special legal engagements

With our years of experience and multidisciplinary teams, we have succeeded in becoming one of the leading offices in special legal assignments.

Why use the services of Baker Tilly?

With representatives on the committees of the Institute of Company Certified auditors, as well as our regular participation in seminars, we are able to continuously uphold the highest standards of care for our clients. Our reporting always complies with the most recent legislation and professional standards. We make sure we achieve this by transparent cooperation with your accounts department, by providing our clients with clear advice and by ensuring that our added value is in line with our statutory obligations. We provide our services at the market rates applicable to SME clients.

Collaboration with your internal and external advisers

The intervention of the company certified auditor on the occasion of the special legal assignments is regulated by law. Baker Tilly is unique in its ability to not only prepare audit reports, but also to provide advice and support tailored to its clients as well as finance professionals and professional advisers.

Baker Tilly will always try to provide efficient and effective support in collaboration with the client's internal and external advisers (accountant, bookkeeper, tax specialist, lawyer, notary, lawyer, banker, etc.). You are our central point of contact here.

Bespoke support?

For complex files, we are always able to rely on the help of our internal legal and tax specialists - provided that this is what you and your client wish. These experienced professionals assist us in identifying and providing solutions for tax and legal issues which go hand-in-hand with the transactions proposed by the company.

What audit reports can we prepare?

  • Contribution in kind at the time of incorporation
  • Quasi-contribution
  • Contribution in kind for capital increase
  • Conversion
  • Mergers & (partial) splits 
  • Dissolution and liquidation
  • Specials: reports on
    • cancellation or limitation of the preferential right
    • issue of shares below fractional value
    • interim dividends
    • stock option plans
    • changes to the company objects
    • issues of convertible bonds or warrants
    • conversions of bonds or subscription to shares
    • transfers of components from a notary's office
    • capital increase by means of a public offering
    • squeeze-out (forced sale of securities)
    • attestation of the 75% rule for the contribution of shares
    • authorised capital of a public limited company
    • amendment of the rights or replacement of the rights of a public limited company
    • recognition as a contractor
    • personal interest of a director
    • checking the contribution to Groene Punt, Valipac or Fostplus



An appropriate audit, a relationship based on trust and deep knowledge of our business.
Peter Leyman, managing director VZW Ryhove