Baker Tilly

What makes us unique as an employer?

Our Human Resources policy: open dialogue centrally

Baker Tilly engages with its employees. We do this by paying particular attention to our Human Resources policy and at the same time, retaining the necessary flexibility to perform optimally. To achieve this, an open dialogue amongst all employees is key. Only in this way can we achieve the work ethics that we endorse as an organisation.

Work ethics: loyalty, commitment, respect and quality

For Baker Tilly and its employees, loyalty in their interactions with each other and with clients is central. Every employee is surrounded and supported by a committed team, forming an environment where team members can engage positively and respectfully with each other, thus ensuring that quality work can be delivered to the client. 

Career: we are happy to support your growth path

Career and career development receive the necessary attention from Baker Tilly Belgium. Each employee indicates his/her expectations in that area and together with the manager, each employee's career path is discussed to ensure we can support growth and development. 

Interships: we are happy to help develop talent

Baker Tilly is committed to contributing to the development of future talent in the labour market. Agreements are in place with several colleges and universities so that their students can submit an internship application to us. Students who perform well increase their chances of working with us in the long-term.


Training and development: internally and externally

Training is of great importance to Baker Tilly. In 2018, more than 30 internal training courses were delivered. In addition, external training is encouraged, including courses organised by the various professional institutes.

Baker Tilly employees also provide external training on clients' premises or elsewhere.

Recruitment and selection: based on objective criteria

Baker Tilly welcomes employees for whom offering client-oriented solutions is in their DNA. Everyone at Baker Tilly is expected to be hands-on and pragmatic and to work as part of a team. 

All vacancies are listed above. Every job applicant can expect a professional and friendly welcome when visiting our offices.

We select incoming CVs that are a good match with the open vacancy.

Suitable candidates are invited to an introductory interview, where we gauge the candidate's motivation, knowledge and personality. If this first interview is positive, then a second, in-depth interview will take place.

We also ask candidates to take a few verbal reasoning- and knowledge tests, because ultimately, we base our decision on whether or not to recruit on objective criteria.

I work in a highly experienced team with really nice colleagues.
Annelies Dhont, Tax department