• Which steps do I need to take when buying a (second) residence or when investing in real estate in Spain? And which formalities do I need to complete? 
  • What if I want to give my property to my children? Which costs can I expect when transferring a property in Spain? 
  • Is it better to buy a new property privately or through the company? How much tax do I have to pay in Spain?



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Buying a house, starting an economic activity or settling down permanently. Spain remains an interesting destination for many Belgians.

However, this involves various tax, legal and administrative issues. For example, you have to take into account both Belgian and Spanish legislation and within the Spanish regions, different rates apply with respect to registration, gift and inheritance tax.

You can call on our experts for both the Belgian and the Spanish aspects. Our team advises you on tax and legal matters concerning, for example, gifts, the purchase of a (second) residence or the start-up of a business.

Our services


Tax advice and guidance on the purchase of a property

  • Our team provides you with tailored-made tax and legal advice on the purchase of a property. Amongst other things, we consider whether it is best to purchase a property privately or through a company.
  • We assist you with the application of formalities (e.g. NIF & NIE number) and follow up the related administration. We offer the necessary support at the start of the investigation. Our services also include coordination and communication with all parties involved. 
  • We take care of the necessary communication with the notary in Spain and assist you in drawing up the notarial deed. We will be present at the signing and, if required, provide you with translations. 
  • Even after the purchase of a property, we continue to support you with respect to taxes. Amongst other things, we will follow up on the tax declarations in case of possession or rental of a property. 

Succession and estate planning in Spain

  • Advice on inheritance law and tax 
  • Advice on real estate gifts 
  • Declaration of estate in Belgium or Spain

Tax advice

  • Tax advice on the purchase of a property through a company or privately (split purchase/partnership/...)
  • Set-up of a Spanish company 
  • Follow up of tax returns in Belgium and/or Spain (e.g. income tax in Belgium, non-resident tax in Spain, wealth tax)

Why choose Baker Tilly?

  • Advice for both private individuals and businesses
  • Central contact  
  • Tailormade advice  
  • Purchase assistance from A to Z  
  • Dutch speaking contact in Spain possible


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Baker Tilly offers full support and advice.
Philippe Serraes, Eurospar Kalken