Europe has opted for a sustainable economy. More than ever, companies will have to demonstrate their positive impact on the environment (E) and society (S). They are required to create a framework for these interactions with good governance (G). 

A major package of new ESG legislation is scheduled for implementation in the short term. This will require more companies to provide more details on demonstrable sustainability. Our specialists are ready to advise and guide you on this matter. Among other things, we offer you:

  • A proper understanding of the timing and the real impact of new laws and regulations 
  • Alignment of your activities with the regulations that are applicable to you 
  • A tailored, pragmatic approach that guides your sustainability ambitions and projects
  • Integrated, non-financial reporting in accordance with European regulations and standards 
  • An independent audit (assurance) of your non-financial reporting


Our service provision for sustainable companies

A modular service package tailored to the maturity of your organization. We get rid of the complexity and guide you through the preparation of analyses, strategy, project planning and reporting. We act as a sounding board that helps develop your business.



ESG basis

Information sessions and trainings for you and your employees. We answer basic questions such as... what does ESG mean in concrete terms? What is the impact and importance for my organization? What is the relationship with the SDGs? When do the new regulations come into force for my company? Is it interesting to report if I am not required to? How do I get started?


Impact analyses

Together, we assess your ESG position. Our ESG scan provides insight into risks, areas of concern and identifies possible opportunities. You can also opt for an in-depth analysis in which we draw up your materiality matrix according to EU regulations. This will tell you exactly which ESG aspects are material-significant for your company, resulting in a priority list for further actions. The ESG scan is also a very valuable tool as a risk assessment in valuations and mergers and acquisitions (M&A).


Sustainability transformation

 A guidance that looks at your strategy and sustainability ambitions holistically. Based on entrepreneurial experience, we offer you a sounding board that helps you develop your business. You can count on a tangible project plan in a coherent and pragmatic approach. Let us turn your ambitions into competitiveness and sustainable added value.


Specific projects

We tackle one or more aspects of your sustainability mission. We set a desired goal and get to work within an improvement process for issues such as your carbon footprint, energy reduction and transition, real estate sustainability, circular economy, employer branding, diversity and inclusion, wellbeing and health, corporate governance processes and more.


Reporting and data exchange

We guide companies that need to produce a compliant non-financial report. Other companies in their role as a supplier might be asked to provide  sustainability data as well.  For them, we set up data management and data exchange compliant with the new European standards. 



During independent assurance, we verify whether the report and the data are complete and constructed in a consistent and reliable way.  

Baker Tilly for your entire journey

You can come to Baker Tilly with all your questions about your sustainability. We go beyond traditional reporting and its auditing.
The future of our customers is essential and we will work together to increase your competitiveness and validate your sustainability claims. In this way, we support your economic viability in the longer term.

Your sustainability proven

Strong reputation in the labour market

More and more employees are choosing companies that actively contribute to society. A proven, sustainable brand could prove to be indispensable for your employer branding.

Continued customer confidence

The importance of sustainability continues to grow as an essential element in your competitive strategy. Prove to your customers that they made the right, forward-looking decision.

Convincing to investors

Investors are concentrating their resources on sustainable initiatives. You can underpin your dossiers and the value/valuation of your company with your vision for the future expressed in indisputable figures.

The ESG framework is an incentive and, above all, an opportunity to strengthen the resilience and competitiveness of your organization in a sustainable way.

Philip Dooms, partner ESG & Sustainability

Want to collaborate with Baker Tilly?

We work on a sustainability strategy that helps determine your future. With a network of experts, we implement your next steps towards sustainable and socially responsible business.

  • Based on entrepreneurial experience
    The ESG framework has an impact on just about every aspect of your business strategy. That is why we will take a comprehensive look at your plans and issues. Drawing on concrete entrepreneurial experience and expertise, we offer you a sounding board that helps develop your business.
  • Immediately practicable 
    We focus on the feasibility of the proposals. You can count on complete transformation guidance in coherent, pragmatic steps based on a tangible project plan with follow-up.
  • Proven approach
    We guide you using a follow-up model with interim goals. This includes an ROI calculation and identifying and avoiding the typical pitfalls. Our modular approach takes into account your size, maturity and growth plans.
  • Financial expertise
    Your investments in additional sustainability must also be financially sound and provide you with more margin in the long run. You can count on our wide range of financial expertise as well as effective guidance and optimization of your dossiers, for example when dealing with investments and subsidies.
  • Our vision on sustainability
    Also as an organisation, we help building a sustainable future. We create sustainable added value for customers and are actively committed to making a positive impact on people, the environment and society.

A tailored sustainability strategy?