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  • You’re a new employer, and want to set up payroll administration? 
  • You want your payroll administration to be properly legally and socially compliant?
  • You want your monthly payroll processing to run smoothly and efficiently? 

As an employer, you are directly involved in monthly payroll administration. You can trust our HR Experts to ensure that your payroll is run efficiently and correctly. 

As a social service provider, we take charge of all payroll tasks. We support beginning employers by planning a payroll strategy that meets all tax, social and legal requirements. We make sure your payroll administration is compliant and advise you about changes in the social legislation. 

Our services

Our experts will help you with

  • Setting up payroll administration and payroll processing
    • Identification with the NSSO
    • Drawing up employment contracts & employment terms and conditions
    • Payroll (NSSO, income tax) 
    • Concluding insurance contracts
    • Joining an external prevention service provider
    • Setting up meal vouchers
  • Payroll administration and payroll processing
  • Advice on social legislation: employment law, employment terms and conditions, social audit etc.

For whom?

  • Beginning employers
  • SMEs < 50 employees

To guarantee the best possible service, we currently offer our HR payroll service to the following joint committees only: PC 100, PC 112, PC 118, PC 119, PC 149.01, PC 200,PC 201, PC 302, PC 307, PC 314, PC 323, PC 336.

Consult all your personnel data easily at one central location

As part of our Payroll service, you can use the employers’ and employees’ platform HrmsWeb and HrmsEgo. Using this tool, you can easily manage performance and obtain insights from reports. Employees can request time off and change their personal details. 

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Our advantages

  • Our team always takes your company’s needs as its starting point and designs a customised approach. 
  • As a one-stop shop for HR services, we can respond perfectly to other HR needs within your company. 
  • Thanks to our expertise, you will always be up to date with the latest changes in payroll administration that are relevant to your sector. 
  • You want to process your payroll administration within your accounting system, or you’d like additional tax advice? No problem, our multidisciplinary team will be pleased to help.