Asset management & estate planning

We ensure your peace of mind

Marriage, buying a house, starting a family, starting your own business,divorce, retirement, making donations, illness, death, securing your assets in a tax-friendly way, etc. - regardless of your age, your professional activities or lifestyle. At those key moments in your life, you will be making decisions that have legal, tax and financial consequences.

You want to be able to live and work in the knowledge that your assets are well managed and that your succession is arranged for according to your wishes. Asset management and estate planning is ensuring a certain degree of peace of mind.

Moreover, the area of estate planning is in constant evolution. The questions you have today can change within a few months or years. Changed circumstances may  trigger new questions or impact  your intended plans. Not only your personal circumstances are subject to change. The legislation is also constantly evolving so your carefully worked out plans may need to be adjusted.


Who are our clients?

We advise individuals in every target group and age: from salaried individuals, start-up business owners to the experienced professional. Asset management and estate planning is important to everyone who is far-sighted and wants to plan already now the future repartition of family assets.

Bespoke service

Proper asset management and estate planning should first and foremost provide peace of mind. The management, continuity and final transfer of your assets must be properly arranged, both now and in the future. Advice on these matters is therefore bespoke, tailored to your individual needs. Your own preferences and repeated heart-searching are the key to successful asset management and estate planning: your life, wishes and feelings are constantly evolving. 

Our approach

It's important for you to have a safe solution for managing and distributing your assets within a legally safe framework and in a tax-friendly manner. The success of good asset management and estate planning starts with approaching the right advisers who will help you.

Advisers who take the time to listen and understand your requirements. They know that your peace of mind is more important than optimal tax planning. They will not force you into complicated tax constructions and structures that do not meet your personal needs and wishes. Advisers who ensure that you are able to reflect on your changed situation when appropriate and invite you to re-evaluate the plans you have put in place in due time.

We offer you an efficient, practical and bespoke solution for all your questions regarding the correct management of your assets and planning of your succession. Even after implementation, we remain actively involved if desired to ensure continuous management of your assets or control over your succession.

A full range of services

Baker Tilly offers you a wide range of services, from financial advice, tax and legal support to the practical aspects of asset management and estate planning. You can contact our specialists for the following specialised services: 

  • Legal and tax structuring and optimising your assets - your private assets as well as your business assets
  • Estate planning
  • Advice on  donations (if necessary, retaining control)
  • Advice on family law and matrimonial property law
  • Guidance on real estate and investments at home and abroad and your tax obligations related to those investments
  • Optimisation/planning of the transfer of family assets and businesses
  • Advice on trusts, civil partnerships, foundations, etc.
  • Questions related to legal and supplementary pension plans
  • Legal and tax questions regarding financial and insurance products
  • All paperwork related to your assets (tax returns (in Belgium and abroad), reporting, contracts, etc.)
  • Company incorporations
  • Training regarding the above aspects
A swift and flexible collaboration with lots of expertise.
Bart De Paepe, commercial director Depa Factory