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Getting married, buying a house, starting a family, starting one’s own business… Your life is constantly changing. But every change also has legal, fiscal and financial consequences for you and for your loved ones. 

Asset and estate planning ensures that the management, continuity and ultimate transfer of your assets are properly ordered and monitored. This way you can organise your financial future with peace of mind and protect your loved ones at the right moments in their lives.



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You want to be able to live and work in the knowledge that your assets are well managed and that your succession is arranged for according to your wishes. Asset management and estate planning is ensuring a certain degree of peace of mind.

Moreover, the area of estate planning is in constant evolution. The questions you have today can change within a few months or years. Changed circumstances may  trigger new questions or impact  your intended plans. Not only your personal circumstances are subject to change. The legislation is also constantly evolving so your carefully worked out plans may need to be adjusted.


Our services

We offer you an efficient, practical and tailor-made solution for all your estate planning questions. And once the estate plan is in place, we can remain actively involved, if you wish, to ensure that your asset and estate planning continues in the right direction. 

Asset structuring

How are your assets structured today? And how will your assets evolve? The necessary attention and guidance in structuring your assets makes a big difference in a later transfer. 

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Asset protection

In the case of unexpected events, you want your loved ones to be adequately protected. What protection mechanisms can you provide for your family and keep your assets intact?

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Asset transfer

By planning donations in good time, you can both support your loved ones financially and avoid high inheritance tax. But how do you go about this so as not to face financial difficulties yourself later on?

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"Collaboration happens fast, flexible and with great expert knowledge"

Bart De Paepe & Christophe Engels, Depa Factory

Tailor-made service

Every family, but also every estate is different and constantly changing. Good asset and estate planning are therefore tailor-made. 

Our team always starts from your personal situation and works out a plan that fully meets your wishes. In this way, your estate planning always evolves along with your family and personal situation. 

For whom?

Drawing up an asset and estate plan is of interest to everyone. We advise individuals of every target group and age: from salaried employees and starting entrepreneurs to experienced professionals.

Good asset structuring at a young age forms the basis for continuous family and asset protection and a smooth transfer of assets later in life.

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An up-to-date overview of your assets with Pax Familia

It’s not always easy to maintain an up-to-date overview of your assets. That is why our team works with Pax Familia. 

This online tool maps out your entire assets, the value of your possessions and your debts. All sorts of legal information and property rights are also included here. In this way you can react pro-actively to changes in legislation. 

  • 24/7 access
  • An up-to-date and comprehensive overview of your assets, asset structure and asset evolution
  • User-friendly interface 
  • A digital safe for all your documents (insurance,…)
  • Useful simulation tools to calculate the impact of donations, real estate investments, retirement…
  • The possibility of granting other people (partners, family) access to your estate planning

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