• Do you need a specialist as an independent expert for the valuation of a company? 
  • Do you need a company auditor to determine the economic loss in a dispute? 
  • Do you need advice in a conflict between shareholders? 

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As experts, we assess the technical side of financial disputes. Our team has been working for various courts, insurance companies, lawyers and notaries for several years. 

In addition to the appointment of court experts by courts in civil and criminal cases, parties can also mutually agree by contract to appoint an expert. As an independent expert, the expert will defend the interests of this party.

Why use the services of Baker Tilly?

  • Our membership of the National Board of Court Experts of Belgium allows us to guarantee our clients lasting quality. Several experts within our team are recognised as court experts. 
  • Tailormade advice is at the heart of Baker Tilly. Through an interdisciplinary team of legal and tax specialists, we can provide solutions to complex issues.  
  • Fast and efficient investigation and reporting

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When to call on a company auditor in case of disputes?

  • Company valuations (in the event of buyout/divorce)
  • Calculating commercial losses
  • Calculating the amount of compensation for breaches relating to concessions/agency
  • Providing specialist advice after divorce
  • Buy-in and buy-out arrangements in case of takeovers/new shareholders/retirement
  • Conflicts between shareholders
  • Fraud investigation 
  • Damage calculation in construction disputes
  • Etc.
Baker Tilly offers a professional and personal approach.
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