• You are about to merge with another company ? 
  • You are thinking about retirement and want to dissolve your company ? 
  • You wish to transfer some of your own assets to your company ? 

An audit tailored to your business?

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At certain milestones within your company, you are legally obliged to call on the services of an auditor. 
Our team not only delivers a report that complies with the legal obligations, but looks at where tax optimisations can be made and gives you proactive advice. 

Why call on Baker Tilly?

  • Through our representation on the committees of the Institute of Company Auditors and regular participation in seminars, we can guarantee our clients ongoing quality.
  • Tailormade advice is at the heart of Baker Tilly. Through an interdisciplinary team of legal and tax specialists, we can provide you with solutions to complex issues.  

What audit reports can we prepare?

  • Contribution in kind at the time of incorporation
  • Quasi-contribution
  • Contribution in kind for capital increase
  • Conversion
  • Mergers & (partial) splits 
  • Dissolution and liquidation
  • Specials: reports on
    • liquidity tests
    • issue of shares below fractional value
    • interim dividends
    • stock option plans
An appropriate audit, a relationship based on trust and deep knowledge of our business.
Peter Leyman, managing director VZW Ryhove