• Do you need a specific attestation for complying with agreements with external parties? 
  • Are you looking for a partner for the preparation of attestations in the context of premium and certificate applications? 
  • Are you obliged to submit a report after expiry of obtained subsidies?

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When submitting certain files, you, as a company, have to draw up a report to prove that you meet certain obligations. 

Together with you, our team clearly maps out the purpose and content of the audit based on an engagement letter. At the end of the assignment, we deliver a report with our independent, factual findings.

Our services

  • Audit of accounts of notaries' offices
  • Attestation of compliance with bank covenants 
  • Valipac, Bebat attestations
  • Payment of trade union bonuses 
  • Attestation in the context of earn-outs
  • Licence applications for football clubs
  • ...

Subsidy assignments

Organisations and governments that outsource subsidies want to be sure they are used correctly. As auditors, we check within companies on behalf of the subsidy provider whether the necessary ground rules have been followed. 

Does your company qualify for a subsidy? If so, you must also account for the correct use of these funds at the end of a project. Through an audit we can take a closer look at the various costs and analyse whether all conditions have been met.