• Would you like to get insight into how your IT processes can be further optimised? 
  • How do you do risk management as a company? 
  • Would you like support with a fraud investigation?

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One way or another, doing business involves risks. During an internal audit, our auditors map out the internal corporate processes. Our team advises you on how to manage risks and set-up corporate processes more efficiently.  

Our services

  • Control of purchasing, sales and inventory corporate cycles 
  • Project management (uniformity,...)
  • Follow-up on receivables management
  • Fraud investigation  

IT Audit

Your IT systems play a key role in keeping your data safe. During an IT audit, our experts take a close look at your IT systems. 

What are we looking at during an IT audit?

  • What does your IT strategy look like today? What are the current procedures? Who manages the systems and how are rights assigned? 
  • How is data stored & archived? Are sufficient back-ups taken? 
  • Are scenarios in place in case of interruption of activities? 
  • What in case of changes to the system? What control mechanisms are designed for this? 

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