• Need financial and strategic knowhow? Advice from a professional who is there to assist you?
  • Want to digitalise your accounting? Or automate your financial workflows?
  • Need reports with KPIs to give you an insight into your business? So you can make the right decisions?
  • Need to manage your working capital better? Organise your credit management better?


Is recruiting a full-time CFO still a step too far for your SME?

Businesses benefit from the financial and strategic knowhow of a finance director or CFO. Recruiting a full-time, specialist CFO is often a step too far for the management of start-ups, scale-ups, smaller SMEs or family businesses.

Especially for these businesses, we offer you CFO services tailored to your requirements. With “CFO-as-a-service” you get a team of specialists in the areas of accounting, tax, audit, legal, HR, IT and corporate finance, represented by a financial sparring partner.

The Baker Tilly team works for your SME as your own CFO. With “CFO-as-a-service” we provide you with financial/strategic advice and expertise.

Digitalisation of accounting

The digital revolution in accounting has been underway for some time. With our CFO-as-a-service, we analyse which further financial and accounting workflows we can automate. We don’t just offer advice, we follow through its implementation with you as well.

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Automation of business reporting

A clear insight into your financial and operational data allows your business to grow. With our CFO-as-a-service we examine all available financial and operational data and process this into clear reporting and budgeting.

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Cash management and working capital

Cash flow, working capital requirement, net debt position, ... With our CFO-as-a-service we assist you with efficient monitoring of your liquidity, optimisation of your working capital through efficient credit management and financial advice.

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Why choose Baker Tilly?

  • You don’t just get a CFO, you get a multidisciplinary team of specialists, led by a financial sparring partner.
  • Baker Tilly aims to provide a fast and flexible service.
  • Our people’s expertise makes the difference: CPD and certification by the relevant professional bodies.
  • Baker Tilly stands for passionate specialists. We look beyond the figures and support you with advice and assistance.

No-obligation appointment

Our team will be pleased to show you which optimisations are possible, without obligation. Contact us for a no-obligation appointment.

Let’s brainstorm together

The Baker Tilly team works for your SME as your own CFO. With “CFO-as-a-service” we provide you with financial/strategic advice and expertise.
Kris Tackaert, Director / Certified tax accountant