• Do you wish assistance with your payroll administration?
  • Do you want an attractive and competitive salary package, tailormade to the needs of your employees?
  • Do you wish to perform a social audit within your company?
  • Do you want a fine-tuned HR policy as of the start of your first employee?
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The ‘war for talent’, along with employer branding, the retention of good staff and prevention of burnout and sickness is currently a primary concern for many SMEs. As are the constantly changing HR laws and regulations. However, we note that many companies barely have time to  thoroughly focus on these topics.

Therefore we offer SME’s guidance to examine their HR policy, save costs and make adjustments where necessary. 

Our services

Each company has its own HR challenges, depending on the size and the sector of their business. No matter if you are looking for assistance in drafting labour regulations, or have questions on labour law or want more information on implementing homeworking;

Together with you, we work on a tailormade HR solution.

With our ‘HR Quick Scan’, we immediately detect whether there are any (potential) problems, what can be improved or what should be prioritised. In this respect, we analyse a small number of the company’s documents to detect potential risks. Based on this, we can perform a more extensive social audit if desired.


Want to detect your HR risks?

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Hiring your first employee?

We support starting employers with the payroll start-up obligations and provide advice on drafting a human resources policy. 

Starting with personnel 

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International expertise

As a member of Baker Tilly International, our HR consultancy team can always count on the local assistance of a Baker Tilly office abroad. In that way, we can also assist with payroll related matters for employees of a Belgian branch abroad or for employees of a foreign company operating in Belgium.

Our know-how and integrated collaboration enables us to respond quickly to our clients’ HR questions.
Peter Weyers, senior partner Baker Tilly