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By integrating HR Consultancy Services into  our “Individual Tax” department (international employment, salary optimisation, bonus plans, payroll coordination, etc.) we want to be a one stop shop for HR services for our clients.

The ‘war for talent’, along with employer branding, the retention of good staff and prevention of burnout and sickness is currently a primary concern for many SMEs. As are the constantly changing HR laws and regulations. However, we  note that many companies  barely have time to  thouroughly focus on these topics. Therefore we offer guidance to examine their HR policy, save costs and make adjustments where necessary.

With our ‘HR Quick Scan’, we immediately detect whether there are any (potential) problems, what can be improved or what should be prioritised. In this respect, we analyse a small number of the company’s documents to detect potential risks. Based on this, we can perform a more extensive social audit if desired.


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Each company has its own specific HR challenges depending on its size

For a sole trader as well as for a company, hiring the first employee is always an important step. We guide you through the process with recruitment tips, current market salaries and terms of employment, information about employer discounts, government requirements, insurance, Induction policy, etc.
Many small companies are in need of a social audit and advice on salary optimisation.
For medium-sized and large  companies, performance management is also very important, as is the question of how to reintegrate employees into the workplace following a long period of sickness or burnout.

International expertise

Since Baker Tilly is part of the Baker Tilly International network, for every type of client, it can combine the quality and strength of an international player with the personalised approach and cost of a local player. In practice, this means that the HR Consultancy Services team can rely on the expertise of a local Baker Tilly office for employees of a Belgian subsidiary abroad. On the other hand, Baker Tilly can also provide guidance on HR support for employees operating in Belgium on behalf of a foreign company.

A range of services

The key pillars of HR Consultancy Services are as follows: a social audit of the HR policy; screening of social-legal employment documents and advise on salary optimisation; analysis of the company culture in relation to work-life balance and the issue of burnout.

Social audit

Baker Tilly carries out an audit of the social-legal HR policy to avoid potential risks and fines by the Social Inspection. Including a review of the pay scales used, employment plans, compliance with collective labour agreements, etc. 


Social-legal documents, including employment contracts, internal regulations and policy documents.

Salary optimisation

  • Hiring staff, optimized remuneration, (NSSO) reductions, etc.
  • Variable remuneration (bonus (plans), etc.) or flexible remuneration (the move to ‘pick your own’ packages, etc.)
  • Mobility

Analysis of company culture

within the framework of the company’s well-being policy (onboarding, work-life balance, prevention of burnout and sickness)

  • Induction policy 
  • Working hours: flexible working hours, variable working hours, teleworking
  • Performance management: performance reviews, appraisals, personal development plans, etc.
  • Well-being

Additional services 

  • Ongoing support with matters relating to social and employment law
  • Approach with respect to recruitment and selection
  • Approach with respect to  out of service strategy: resignation or termination, mutual agreement, medical incapacity, etc.
  • Approach with respect to reintegration programm following long-term sickness
  • Gross to net calculations / employer cost calculations

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Our know-how and integrated collaboration enables us to respond quickly to our clients’ HR questions.
Peter Weyers, senior partner Baker Tilly