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  • Want a clear view of the risks associated with buying or selling a company?
  • Is the information you have obtained correct?
  • How to avoid skeletons in the closet? 

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An extensive due diligence study identifies the potential risks associated with a transaction. 

In this way, both parties (buyers and sellers) have the necessary insight to start negotiations on an equal footing. 

Our services

We offer you a due diligence investigation covering tax, legal, social legislation and financial aspects when buying or selling a company. 

  • When buying a company, you want to be sure that no unexpected surprises will come to light after the acquisition. A due diligence investigation gives you the necessary insight into the risks associated with an acquisition. 
  • When selling a business, you want the right value for your business. A due diligence investigation identifies areas for attention. In this way you can tackle these in a timely manner, which can provide added value during the sale.