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  • You would like a clear picture of the tax, legal and financial risks involved in acquiring a company?
  • You want an overview of all opportunities and possibilities both nationally and internationally?
  • You wish to be prepared to be able to sell at maximum value? 

A tailor-made due diligence study? 

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A review of the books or due diligence is a necessary part of any business transfer. It provides you with clear insight through a thorough and independent analysis of historical figures. 

As a buyer or seller, this information puts you in a strong position to start negotiations. You can adjust your valuation and pricing and hedge yourself against certain risks. Moreover, you get an overview of the points that can be optimized.

Tax, legal, financial, social and sustainability due diligence

financiële due diligence

Financial due diligence

Are the historical figures still representative? How do the past results and the debt situation look? What is the company’s working capital requirement?

tax due diligence

Tax due diligence

Is the company complying with the tax regulations? Were any irregularities observed? What is the best way to structure the transaction?

juridische due diligence

Legal due diligence

Do all contracts comply with applicable regulations? Are there pending claims? 

hr due diligence

HR due diligence

How do the salary packages of the employees look? Are the employment agreements and labour regulations still up to date? 

esg due diligence

Sustainability due diligence

To what extent is the company prepared for the increasing ESG and sustainability demands? What is the impact on the business model and the intrinsic value of the company?



Due diligence study in case of acquisition or selling of a company

Vendor due diligence 
In a vendor due diligence or vendor assist report, we provide a clear insight into the financial figures and the main risks and opportunities when selling. Afterwards, we guide you through the report and discuss the results with you. 
Thanks to this comprehensive assessment, you will be well-prepared to address any questions from the counterparty throughout the M&A process. Moreover, you can take steps in advance to ensure maximum value creation and a seamless transaction. In addition, you save a lot of time since, as a seller, you only have to go through the entire due diligence process once. 

Buy side due diligence 
As a buyer, you want to avoid unpleasant surprises. A due diligence investigation identifies the risks and opportunities associated with a takeover. This gives you a complete and objective picture at the start of an acquisition process.

due diligence-beeld3

Due diligence in case of international acquisitions

Are you a foreign entrepreneur taking over a company in Belgium or do you have international growth plans? Does the target company have foreign branches? A foreign takeover involves a number of challenges. Among other things, you need to take local and international legislation into account.

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