• Considering acquiring a company ?
  • New generation taking over the helm in the family business? 
  • Merging with another company? 
  • Looking for an interesting investment opportunity? 

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A company takeover calls for good guidance to be sure always to make the right strategic choices. Our Corporate Finance department launches the acquisition process with you and supports you at every stage with the advice you need for realising your growth ambitions. 

Our services

Need specific support during the preparation phase, purchase phase or final phase? Or all-round guidance for your business transfer? Our experts work out a tailor-made path together with you.

Preparation phase

  • Looking for a suitable target? Together we draw up a search profile based on your criteria and conduct the first interviews with suitable candidates. 
  • Already talking to a party? Our team analyses whether this opportunity is suitable based on the pre-prepared search profile, and examines whether a collaboration is possible. Where appropriate we go looking for additional candidates. 

Buying phase

  • Found a suitable target? A valuation provides an estimate of the correct value of the company you wish to acquire. 
  • The valuation also provides an important insight into what financial resources you will need. Our team will advise you on which financing best suits your current situation.
  • At the same time, we advise you on how to structure the potential transaction in a fiscally and financially optimal way. 
  • We draw up a negotiation strategy with you. 

Final phase

  • You want to be sure there will be no unpleasant surprises after the business takeover. With a wide-ranging due diligence examination we analyse the tax, social legislation and other legal risks. 
  • Our legal team will support you in drafting the letter of intent, other contracts and in any disputes.