• Wanting to take over a company? 
  • Selling your company? 
  • Passing on your family business to the next generation? 
  • Merging with another company? Looking for additional financing for your projects? 

Our experts advise and guide you in all stages of the transaction process. 


For whom?

We assist SMEs, private shareholders, investment companies, large companies and investment vehicles. 


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Our services

All-round support for your transaction process? Or outside expertise in just a few aspects? Our experts work out a tailor-made path with you. 



Our Corporate Finance team

Our Corporate Finance team covers all main areas of financial, legal and tax expertise. Years of experience in supervising mergers and acquisitions in various sectors give them the know-how you need. 

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Our international network

Taking over a company abroad or opening a foreign branch for your Belgian company? These are nothing unusual in an ever-growing international acquisitions market. As part of Baker Tilly International, we can offer our services across borders, in partnership with offices around the world. In the Baker Tilly network, high quality standards are set for all our partners.

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