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Important for business owners & investors

The most important decisions faced by any business owner are decisions on entering a joint venture, or decisions relating to the sale of an existing business or the purchase of a new one. A business owner can also decide to join a company as a shareholder investor. Many aspects need to be taken into account with each of these decisions.

What do we offer? 

Support with actively searching for a suitable counterparty when selling your business. We advise and guide you when purchasing a business or selling your existing business, during all phases of the transaction process. We also provide support to new investors when investing in companies. Our services also include support with management buy-outs and buy-ins. Our expertise lies in providing support for the transaction from start to finish - objectively and rationally. 

Who do we help?

We support not only independent business owners, SMEs, private shareholders but also investment companies and large companies. 

A full range of services

Professional guidance during every phase of your company’s life cycle

Throughout the life cycle of your company new issues, challenges or opportunities present themselves. Because a company is ever in motion, Baker Tilly offers a wide range of services.

Sale of the company

  • Preparing the company for a transaction
  • Reaching out for the ideal partner(s) for the sale of the company in various scenarios (complete sale or partial sale, growth financing, family transfer,…)
  • Drafting a realistic business plan and other necessary documents (anonymous profile, information memorandum,…)
  • Tax and legal transaction structuring
  • Assistance during negotiations

Purchase of the company

  • Assisting entrepreneurs and investors in the realisation of their growth ambitions (e.g. expansion through acquisitions)MBI/MBO trajectories
  • Active searches for suitable targets
  • Tax and legal transaction structuring
  • Assistance during negotiations

Valuation and financial optimisation

  • Determining a realistic enterprise value
  • Making the company sales-ready
  • Determining the capital ratio in mergers
  • Advice regarding financial optimisation
  • Tailored company reporting; cash planning

Due Diligence

  • Financial, legal, tax, VAT and social Due Diligence
  • In-depth due diligence of the acquisition target
  • Detecting strengths and weaknesses of the acquisition target
  • Recommendations regarding specific warranties and indemnities
  • Vendor Due Diligence

Capital restructuring

  • Tax optimisation of excess assets
  • Drafting a future organisation and management structure
  • Making the company sales-ready

The Corporate Finance team of Baker Tilly