• How much VAT do I need to pay for my construction or renovation project?
  • How can I optimize my VAT situation?
  • How does international business affect my VAT obligations?
  • Which VAT regulations do I need to comply with within Europe?

Tailored VAT advice? 

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VAT, short for Value Added Tax, is levied at every stage of the trading process. For lots of entrepreneurs, this tax all too often forms a blind spot. Therefore, a thorough and thoughtful VAT approach is important.
In that way, not only are you up to speed with the current regulations, you can also save costs and reduce risks.

Our team of experts will optimize your VAT position, will guide you through the different formalities, will assist you in case of an audit  and maps out your VAT risks.

We combine personal advice with an expertise of many years in order to assist you in every aspect of your business, thereby assisting your regarding  all your national and international questions and opportunities.

For whom?

Our experts advise large and small companies, partnerships and multinationals.

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National VAT advice

For many of you, the VAT legislation constitutes a labyrinth that is constantly changing. Therefore, as an entrepreneur, it could appear quite overwhelming. Among other things, we support you in:

  • VAT rules on selling/leasing & buying property
  • VAT advice & rate setting on renovation/construction projects
  • setting up VAT groups 
  • VAT exemptions / VAT qualifications 
  • VAT assistance regarding implementation of ERP systems
  • energy and environmental taxes 
  • advice on excise duties
internationaal btw-advies

International VAT advice

How does international business affect your VAT situation? And are there optimisations possible? With a personal approach, we advise you on your international business plans:

  • application of Belgian VAT numbers for foreign companies
  • VAT permits for foreign companies
  • Belgian VAT declarations for foreign players 
  • follow-up on import licenses
  • advice on e-commerce
  • recovery of foreign VAT

VAT compliance

A VAT policy that meets all the mandatory requirements? Our experts guide both start-ups and large(r) companies through every formality and in every phase of your growth:

  • VAT registration 
  • follow-up of VAT formalities 
  • international VAT returns 
  • VAT refund 
  • VAT licenses (monthly refund)

VAT audits & rulings

A VAT audit ahead? Would you like to have some more certainty on the application of the regulations? Our seasoned experts assist you in case of a VAT audit as well with applying for rulings:

  • assistance with VAT audits & retrospective assessments
  • follow-up with tax authorities
  • ruling requests & negotiations
  • assistance with disputes

VAT planning

An up-to-date and thorough VAT approach gives you a clear view of risks and possible opportunities. Our seasoned experts will apply a tailor-made approach based on your situation:

  • advice on VAT-optimisations 
  • restructurings 
  • creation of a VAT group 
  • rulings
  • licenses

VAT scan

Get a clear view of the possible VAT risks within your company and whether you comply with the VAT legislation. 

Based on this study, our experts will also check whether optimisations are possible.
We also carry out VAT-scans as part of a due diligence process in the context of a sale or an acquisition.


Education & training

Staying up-to-date regarding thee VAT legislation? Our seasoned advisers regularly host information sessions on the latest legislative changes.

Internal training on the latest developments within the VAT landscape? Our advisers will be happy to work out a tailor-made training course tailored to the challenges within your sector. In addition, we offer a handy schedule that your team can consult afterwards with respect to the most common transactions.

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Why choose Baker Tilly?

  • Personal contact with seasoned experts
    You are always in direct contact with our experts, who have an in-depth gounderstanding of your business and develop a personalised approach. 
  • Practical, proactive and qualitative advice
    Our advice goes beyond simply following the formalities. We look at where optimisations can be made and how to reduce risks. 
  • Multidisciplinary services
    Can I still optimise my VAT approach before an acquisition? What role does VAT play within my sustainability strategy? With a multidisciplinary team, we have the right specialists in corporate finance, accountancy, tax & legal advice and ESG in house for comprehensive support.   
  • International network 
    The step towards international business is becoming increasingly easy to say, but it also requires a specialised VAT approach. As a member of Baker Tilly International, we regularly call on the VAT expertise of advisers from 141 countries.

Meet our international network