Baker Tilly wants to have a positive impact on people, environment and society.
As a consulting company, we not only integrate sustainability with our clients, but also actively engage in embedding sustainability within our own business strategy ourselves.

Now, for tomorrow.


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Taking care of our staff

As a service company, the well-being of our employees is extremely important. Our offices form an inclusive and diverse working environment where everyone is respected and valued. Through training and education, we create a working environment in which our employees can develop and grow to their full potential. Initiatives and ideas are encouraged and ensure active involvement in all aspects of day-to-day management.

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A sustainable future for our clients 

Since June 2022, we have been rolling out our ESG & Sustainability services. We see it as our role to support and inspire companies and organisations in their sustainability ambitions. In our services, we mainly put emphasis on creating sustainable value creation for all stakeholders involved.


Integrity and transparency

Integrity and transparency are an essential part of our corporate values. Our standards and values are based on our belief that integrity, respect, responsibility and sustainability form a strong ethical framework that strengthens economic value creation for ourselves, our customers and all our other stakeholders.

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Social responsibility

We are actively working to minimise our ecological footprint and wherever possible we try to make a positive contribution to society. The ongoing electrification of our vehicle fleet is the main lever to substantially reduce our CO2 emissions over the next 3 years. Through volunteering for various ecological and social projects, we try to bring a positive impact in a very targeted way.

To define our sustainability strategy, we started by talking to customers and employees. This way, we can identify which points of attention related to sustainability are relevant. 

These topics were then ranked according to importance and impact using a materiality analysis. This analysis also forms the basis of our sustainability strategy and efforts for the coming years.


Integrate sustainability into your company

You can come to Baker Tilly with all your questions about your sustainability. We will work together to increase your competitiveness and validate your sustainability claims. In this way, we support your economic viability in the longer term.

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