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Webinar 11/03/2021: In pursuit of tomorrow

As we emerge from 2020 which has shaken the global economy to its core and forced a reset of norms, how do we prepare to pursue tomorrow?

Kevin Gaskell passionately believes that ordinary people can deliver extraordinary results if they are lured to believe in the goal and are offered the opportunity to participate. 


Expertise in multiple domains

Baker Tilly specialises in accountancy, tax and legal advice, corporate auditing, valuations, company reporting, M&A, estate planning, HR Consultancy Services, advice regarding investments in Spain, etc. The group has offices in Aalst, Brussels, Ghent (Melle), Liège (Soumagne) and Zele and has 155 employees.

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Baker Tilly

Multidisciplinary teams

We have the necessary strength to provide optimal service through the multidisciplinary teams, but at the same time we are small enough to offer a personal and tailor-made service. The quality and strength of an international group combined with the personal approach and price of a local partner: that is Baker Tilly.

International network 

We are proud to be a member of the Baker Tilly network which is among the ten largest in the world and active in accountancy, audit, consultancy and corporate finance. The network employs 36,332 people, has 742 offices in 146 countries