Automation of business reporting

Business insight begins with the right reporting

  • How are your sales progressing? 
  • What is the trend for actuals vs budget? 
  • What are your strong or weak areas? 
  • How are your fixed costs doing?
  • What is the financial impact of extra staff or a new machine?
  • How is your cash position doing?
  • What explains the differences between accounting and project results?
  • Which product is selling best? 
  • How can you increase your net profit? 
  •  …

The right business reporting provides the answer to these and other questions you ask yourself every day.
Baker Tilly examines all of your available financial and operational data. The data is processed into clear reporting and budgeting in an automated manner using EMAsphere. an online dashboarding tool  

Comprehensive reporting encompasses data on multiple aspects of your business: financial, operational, sales, HR, ... Not confined to simply visualising this information. Our experts assist you in identifying the right KPIs and reports (to which questions do you really need answers?). This reporting enables you to meet the goals you set yourself and manage your business risks. A clear insight into your data allows your business to grow.


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Why choose Baker Tilly?

Relief from worry, however large or small your company

Online dashboarding tool

Coordination through a single point of contact

Multidisciplinary teams of specialists


Performance management designed for you

Management platform EMAsphere

EMAsphere is a platform for automatic visual reporting of financial and operational data. Indispensable to create clear insights in business performances. Baker Tilly uses EMAsphere for this. A platform that displays data up-to-date in ready-to-use templates with various charts and KPIs. Thanks to customisable dashboards with drill-down features, data can be analysed in detail. In addition, EMAsphere is a SaaS product that connects to your software package through a range of standard connectors. Reports are updated automatically, eliminating the need for manual work and giving you more time for analysis.



Business reporting with the right KPIs gives you the insight you need to make the right business decisions.
Kris Tackaert, Director / Accountant & Tax Consultant, Baker Tilly