Cash management and working capital

Money flows into and out of your business. Two opposing financial flows that are vital for the continuity of your business. You may be financially sound now but still find yourself short of cash in the near future. Baker Tilly analyses and optimises your financial cash flows with you so you are better prepared for future challenges.

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Our services: 3 pillars

Efficient management and monitoring of your liquidity/cash flows

  • Preparation of a cash flow forecast
  • Frequent monitoring of working capital requirements

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Optimisation of your
working capital through
efficient credit management

  • Efficient organisation of your payments process from invoicing
    to collection
  • Reduction of your DSO
  • Automation of your credit management via software

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Advice on funding 

  • Advice on the right funding mix (internal and external sources)
  • Investment analysis: assessment, selection and risk analysis 
  • Assistance with loan applications

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Your peace of mind: that's our objective.

Relief from worry, however large or small your company

Coordination through a single point of contact

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Cash flow, working capital requirement, net debt position, ... We help you with efficient monitoring of your liquidity, optimisation of your working capital by efficient credit management and financial advice.
Kris Tackaert, Director / Accountant & Tax Consultant, Baker Tilly