Audrey De Bevere
Individual Tax Partner


Audrey is active within the Individual Tax department. As an Individual Tax Partner, she advises individuals and companies on all aspects of personal income tax. 

Audrey De Bevere 2023 - cirkel

I advise both companies and individuals with their tax questions.

For companies, this usually concerns the employment of their employees, both in a national and international context. I not only advise Belgian companies, but also foreign companies (e.g. when they employ an individual in Belgium). We regularly work together with companies to develop and optimise a customised salary package or bonus plan. Companies can also come to my team with issues concerning remuneration. In this context and amongst other things, we take care of the application for the special tax status of foreign executives (better known as the expat status).
For individuals, our advice covers all possible aspects of personal income tax. For example, I advise self-employed people on the choice between a one-man business or a company business. In addition to remuneration, an individual can also be taxable on real estate income, income from movable property, miscellaneous income, etc. I also support individuals in these various categories, both in a national and international context. 
I am active in many areas of taxation and find every question I am being asked fascinating. After all, situations that are similar are never two the same. I enjoy coming into contact with many clients of our office in order to assist them as efficiently as possible.

In my free time, I especially enjoy spending time with friends and family. But sport is also an essential element in my weekly schedule. In addition, I am vice president of a gymnastics club, where I have been spending my days for many years (from gymnast, to trainer, to board member).

Previously worked on: 

  • Advice to athletes at sports events abroad (and the taxability of their income in that context)
  • Application for various rulings concerning the taxability of crypto currencies, application of the so-called Cayman tax, taxability of foreign pensions, etc.
  • Various publications concerning taxability of real estate income in Belgium (via electronic platform or not) and participation in presentations in this respect
  • Assisting individuals receiving French dividends for the application of the FBB (fixed foreign tax), both via the declaration and a tax claim procedure
  • Determine the application of the exemption from withholding tax in the context of research and development and assist with the related applications and formalities