Tax advice for companies

Advice on direct and indirect taxation 

Are you a “young” entrepreneur thinking of setting up your own business? Or are you an experienced professional wishing to expand your existing business? The success of your business plans begins by seeking advice from the right consultants who can guide you through this process. We can offer you an efficient, practical and tailor-made solution that meets all your requirements regarding direct and indirect taxation. Without unnecessary legal texts or lengthy opinions, we get to the point quickly by providing you with to the point answers.

Entrepreneurs as well as managers of SMEs or multinationals must constantly consider the tax consequences of their decisions, one reason being that VAT is charged at each stage of the commercial process. That is why it is essential to have timely tax analysis, backed up by quality advice and tax optimisation, to ensure growth in the current competitive market. When developing your company's strategic plans or when you are expanding your activities in Belgium or abroad, you, as an entrepreneur, need targeted tax advice in the field of corporation tax and VAT. We will walk you through any tax questions you may have and help you structure your business tax-efficiently.

Who do we assist?

  • Managing Directors or Financial Directors of SMEs
  • CFOs and CEOs of international companies and groups
  • Managers of operating companies or management companies
  • Members of the liberal professions
  • Starting entrepreneurs or experienced professionals wishing to further expand their existing business


A full range of services

Corporation tax

  • Tax advice for start-ups
  • Tax support and optimisation of business decisions
  • Minimise your effective tax rate
  • Optimisation of tax incentives (research and development, patent tax deduction, etc.)
  • Optimisation of financing structures and profit repatriation
  • Coordination and tax optimisation of national and international projects
  • Restructuring, mergers, splits, optimisation of corporate structures...
  • Real estate taxation (estate planning)
  • Pension plans  within the company
  • Asset planning
  • Succession planning
  • Tax due diligence in M&A projects
  • Ruling requests fr rulings
  • Transfer pricing


  • VAT advice at every step of the trading process
  • VAT analysis of commercial transactions at home and abroad
  • National and international VAT advice concerning the application of the correct legal provisions
  • Advising on VAT optimisation in a national and international context
  • Assistance in carrying out the correct VAT procedures, assistance with audits
  • Advice on VAT formalities
  • Advisory regarding VAT compliance matters
  • VAT registration in other EU Member States
  • Preparing and submitting a claim for refund of foreign VAT
  • VAT due diligence in the context of an acquisition
  • In-house VAT training courses
  • VAT courses

International tax

  • International investments (inbound and outbound)
  • Tax impact and optimisation of international activities/services
  • Optimisation of profit/cash allocation
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Optimal use of local tax incentives and double taxation treaties
  • Transfer pricing


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