Company valuations

A guidance valuation for a sole trader business, professional practice or company by Baker Tilly will then serve to strengthen the negotiating position of either you or your client.

Why use the services of Baker Tilly?

Baker Tilly will couple theoretical methods and a thorough analysis of the company with its experience and knowledge of the business world to shed light on the valuation obtained for the specific situation. This will happen in collaboration with external partners such as the bookkeeper. In addition, Baker Tilly can, in consultation with these external partners, also provide support throughout the entire process, from actively searching for a suitable counterparty to providing (legal and financial) support in the post-acquisition process.

Why have a valuation carried out?

The price of a company is what a well-informed buyer wants to pay to a well-informed seller. The price is always the result of negotiation and is therefore also influenced by subjective elements, such as the specific position of buyer, seller and the company in the negotiation process.

Prior to a price renegotiation, it is immensely useful to have a company valuation carried out. This single calculation reveals the specific points of interest that play a role in the value and therefore the pricing. This forms an excellent basis for negotiation. Starting price negotiations without having carried out a valuation is often detrimental to the process.

However, the value of a business is fictitious. There are after all no objective criteria and standards (or there is no comprehensive method) that can unambiguously determine the value of a sole trader's business, freelance profession or company. However, there are enough theoretical models that allow a reliable guidance value to be proposed. In any case, it is true that a good valuation requires a thorough screening of the company, which in itself is an excellent source of information in a takeover process.

In what context are certified auditors often appointed to make a valuation?

  • Buying or selling a business
  • Management Buy Out/Buy In
  • Mergers or splits
  • Restructuring
  • The withdrawal of a shareholder
  • Contribution to or sale to a company
  • Follow-up issues
  • Legacy
  • Divorce


For sole traders, freelancers and companies.


The staff of Baker Tilly do not deliver standardized solutions. They invest in understanding our business and structures and think along with us.
Steven Geirnaert, CFO Fedrus Invest Group