Baker Tilly International wins 'TOP NETWORK 2018'


The international accounting magazine Global Accounting Insights has announced in her most recent issue the 2018 annual ranking of top mid-market networks. 

Baker Tilly International tops the list as the top-rated network in a ranking of mid-market networks. 

For this report international accounting networks were rated by their member. This was done by asking members to rate their network's performance in four key areas: value delivered to members, management of the network, member services, and international services. 

Firm leaders were  also directly asked how they would rate the overall value their network. 

The ranking is different than other "best of" lists, because it seeks to measure network or association effectiveness in serving its member firms, examining how members perceive the value they receive from their current network or association. 

Ranking BTI award



The needs of member firms are increasingly complex. Quality and international connectivity remain critical. But in addition to these basic elements, firms seek robust tools that help local firms conduct international engagements. 

As new technologies continue to create new opportunities for accountants, networks and associations will need to continue to evaluate how they respond to these changes. Guiding members through these changes through pooled resources will be critical to add value and retain and attract high quality members. 

Networks that are continually looking to add value to their members and help them solve their clients' problems will create the right opportunities for growth.  

The ability to conduct business throughout the globe is acritical element of an accounting association or network. 

Locations and coverage are a key aspect of this. However, beyond locations, networks must be able to have an efficient system for firms to work together on international pitches and engagements. Efficient processes are ultimately what gives members the ability to conduct international engagements. 

For most organizations networking conferences are the focal point where member services, international connectivity, and resources offered to members come together. 

Baker Tilly International tops the list as the top-rated network (Big 4 firms excluded), which is a wonderful recognition of the efforts by Baker Tilly International and their member firms. 

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