Expert research

With our years of experience and multidisciplinary teams, we have succeeded in becoming a leading office in expert investigations.

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Why use the services of Baker Tilly?

With representatives on the committees of the Belgian Institute of Registered Certified auditors (Instituut van de Bedrijfsrevisoren), as well as our participation in seminars on expert research and our membership of the National College of Legal Professionals of Belgium, we are able to continuously uphold the highest standards of care for our clients.

Baker Tilly has many years of experience in working for various courts, insurance companies, lawyers, notaries, etc. in the context of an expert investigation.

When to call on an expert?

When there are disputes, the parties often appoint an expert. The expert can assist the parties with assessing the technical side of the dispute.

Independent expert or technical advisor?

Experts can be appointed by the courts in civil as well as criminal cases. Parties can mutually/contractually agree to appoint a specific expert if a dispute arises. In these cases, it is possible to contest the expert investigation and the expert acts as an independent expert. A party can, however, also unilaterally decide to appoint an expert or technical advisor. In this case, the expert will help defend the interests of the party who made the appointment.

When are certified auditors appointed for disputes?

  • Company valuations
  • Calculating commercial losses
  • Calculating the amount of compensation for breaches relating to concessions/agency
  • Reviewing accounting and financial information
  • Providing specialist advice after divorce
  • Buy-in and buy-out arrangements
  • Conflicts between shareholders
  • Fraud investigation 
  • Etc.
Baker Tilly offers a professional and personal approach.
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