Obligation to report posting of workers to The Netherlands


When employees are posted temporarily to The Netherlands, employers from other EEA member states will now also have to report this in The Netherlands. In Belgium we are familiar with this reporting obligation via the Limosa declaration. 

If, as a Belgian business owner, you operate in The Netherlands, you have to bear in mind a new reporting obligation that recently came into force. 

As from 1 March 2020, all employers based in the EEA and Switzerland must declare in advance that they will carry out activities with staff in The Netherlands. This new obligation also applies to self-employed persons from certain sectors when they temporarily perform a service in The Netherlands.

New reporting obligation for your business in The Netherlands

It will be possible to make this report online. The Dutch recipient of the service is responsible for checking this.

However, there are a few exceptions to this reporting obligation. For instance, an exception applies for short business meetings, attendance at academic conferences, urgent maintenance and repairs, etc.

Additional check by Dutch government on compliance with Dutch labour laws

Based on this reporting obligation, the Inspectorate SZW (Social Affairs and Employment) will perform an extra check on the various regulations applying to employees posted to The Netherlands (minimum wage, number of  holidays, etc.).

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